The Hidden Well An illustration collection


The picture frames in this illustration are exactly what they seem to be: closed, empty containers. As avarice by nature knows no limits, they extend beyond the canvas or “frame” of the illustration itself.


A conversation with the businessman in The Little Prince:

‘And of what use is it to you to own the stars?’

‘Its use is to make me rich.’

‘And of what use is it to you to be rich?’

‘To buy more stars, if there are any to be discovered.’


An observation from The Little Prince:

‘Where you come from,’ said the little prince, ‘people grow five thousand roses in one garden—and still they do not find what they are looking for.’

‘No, they do not find it,’ I replied.

‘Yet what they are looking for could be found in a single rose, or in a handful of water.’

When we work merely for material gain, we build our own prison. We enclose ourselves
in isolation; our coins turn to ashes and buy nothing worth living for.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry / Wind, Sand and Stars (1939)